Client Perspectives

    We see your perspective! At MiceMedia, we focus on you, the client, and your benefits. Whatever your background, we are eager to answer to your specific challenges!



    Professional Congress Organiser (PCO)

    You are the Organiser, providing (full) service management for M.I.C.E. events. You have the ability and the task to unify. To bring all pieces of the puzzle together, using a wide range of knowledge and skills to facilitate the event of your client. Whether you provide a full service or support for individual items, it is important that your client retains control of their event. Similarly, MiceMedia enforces your knowledge (providing technical consultancy, expertise and advice) as well as maximizes your results (coordinating the operational delivery) while giving you back the control over the technical aspects. We provide technical event management solutions. For any event. Anywhere in the world.

    Audio-visual supplier

    You are the AV supplier, at the technical heart of any event, working with and around complex issues at a fast tempo. You want to anticipate and solve technical challenges to provide a smooth service delivery to your client. You cannot afford to make any mistakes! You need event planning and execution that combines clarity, transparency and firmness, for your client as well as for your staff. The clarity to ensure all expectations are addressed and all parties are working on the same page. The transparency that enables to see through things as well as seeing them through. The firmness to deal efficiently with any challenge on the way. MiceMedia speaks your language and provides you with support that translates into a great event and a happy client.


    You are the Venue, the host for the event. With your professionalism and attention to detail, you turn your location into a great venue that provides the atmosphere and service level to facilitate the success of your clients. As the host, you enable an experience that makes an everlasting impression on your guests. Wherever you are located, MiceMedia can work with you, your suppliers and your staff, to relieve you from the challenges of managing the technical and audio-visual aspects of events. We are happy to help!

    Association, Foundation

    You are the Client, the starting point of any event. You are committed to your mission, objectives and values. You provide knowledge. You raise awareness. You act as the reference in your field of specialty. You gather experts around your cause. You are independent. You are very much like MiceMedia. We provide you with knowledge and solutions, responding to any technical or audio-visual challenge, for any event, anywhere in the world. We uncover experts that will respond exactly to your needs. Whether you are planning an educational course, a press conference or a full scale symposium, MiceMedia is committed to making your event a success, with our independence as guarantee that we focus on you and your benefits. We save you money, time and energy. You can better spend them at the profit of your cause!

    Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry

    You are the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, always pressed for results and under close public scrutiny. You get no second chances. There is only one way to perform and that is: Perfection! The financial and promotional stakes are high. Whether you are planning your own meeting, press conference or your participation in a breakout session or satellite symposium, we help you make the best first and everlasting impression. We make the difference by being meticulous, preparing and achieving the very best even when under pressure. At MiceMedia, no detail is too small to be ignored.

    Corporate Client

    You are the corporation planning its very own public or private event. As specialists within your own industry, you understand the value of calling in experts to handle projects outside of your area of expertise. At MiceMedia, we realise that planning the technical aspects of an event can be daunting, but for us it’s second nature. We provide technical expertise for your product or store launch, annual meeting, staff party… As your independent production company, we save you money, time and energy. You can better spend them at the profit of your clients and staff!

    Private Client

    You are no event professional and find organising your own private party daunting. You want to create a memorable experience for your guests but don’t know where to start? MiceMedia helps you make your vision a reality. Together, we create an environment. Light it. Populate it with images and special effects. Fill it with sound. We accommodate all your audio-visual needs to make of your party one to remember. And you get to enjoy it too!