Event Perspectives

    Any event. Anywhere in the world.



    Conference, Congress & Exhibition

    • Conference
    • Congress
    • Colloquium
    • Convention
    • Symposium
    • Plenary session (general session)
    • Exhibition
    • Trade show
    • Consumer show
    • Expo (exposition)

    Organising a trade show, convention or symposium comes with many challenges, all the more if you go international. Piecing the puzzle is daunting, whether you are the organiser, the venue or the supplier. At MiceMedia, we work in a transparent, clear and open way. We facilitate any technical event management solution needed, at any stage of your project, while you remain in control. We empower your team with our knowledge and expertise. And we maximise the success of your event, planning even the unexpected!

    Corporate Event and Meetings

    • Annual General Meeting
    • General Assembly
    • Board Meeting
    • Corporate event
    • Annual staff party
    • Seminar
    • Workshop
    • PR event
    • Product launch
    • Client/dealer/distributor event
    • Meetup
    • Networking event
    • Roadshow

    Corporate events and meetings, though smaller in size, face the same challenges as conferences and congresses. Expectations and stakes are high. You need a multi-tasker who can work efficiently, with discretion, and be at ease with any crowd (speakers, VIPs, chairpersons, staff, technicians, etc). MiceMedia is there for you. And we help you save time and money too!

    Satellite Symposium and Breakout Session

    • Satellite session
    • Breakout session
    • Associated meeting

    Satellite symposia are common practice in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. These scientific/clinical programmes organised alongside major medical events represent high stakes, not only for the event organiser, the sponsor (the pharmaceutical company) but also for the delegates (especially when the session is an accredited activity). We, at MiceMedia, understand your expectations. We advise you on the best AV or IT equipment to suit your needs and budget. And we ensure your message comes across, taking care of rehearsals, speakers, slides, videos, live broadcast…

    Social Event

    • Social function
    • Opening ceremony
    • Closing ceremony
    • Award ceremony
    • Gala; gala dinner
    • Business dinner
    • Reception
    • Party
    • Public event
    • Private event

    Planning a business-related social event, you will find you need a firm plan for speakers, presentations, set design, room layout, public performance, entertainment, all impacting your audio-visual and multimedia needs. You need to integrate all items to fit the budget and that comes with compromises. MiceMedia suggests technology and equipment that works for you. We help you make the best of what your event location provides and manage your audio-visual needs based on facts, not assumptions. Together, we create an experience your guests will remember!

    Promotional Event

    • Press conference
    • Media conference
    • Seminar
    • Workshop
    • Product launch

    Promotional events are all about image. The image of your business. MiceMedia suggests the best multimedia technology and audio-visual equipment to relay your message and helps you realise your vision. With the right tools, we enable you to create a buzz and maximise exposure for your business.