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Knowledge generates results

Experienced event consultants and production managers.


Micemedia ensures you to reach your goals. With Consultancy solutions we define your strategy and with our Production solutions we execute that strategy into a perfect event.

We provide insights of the best online and hybrid tools for your event and during the event Micemedia can manage the production, making sure the event will be a great success.

With Micemedia’s solutions you have extensive knowledge and expertise at hand, or as we like to say it: “Knowledge generates results” .

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With Consultancy Solutions ans Production Solutions we provide all services that add great value to any live, online and hybrid event.

Consultancy Solutions

Organizing an event will often bring numerous challenges and it is up to you to always make the right discissions. 

Production Solutions

The technical production of an event can be challenging. You need a lot of expertise for a short period of time.

Projects by Micemedia

EAACI 2021

EAACI 2021

“We are eager to welcome you to our EAACI Hybrid Annual Congress 2021 where together we will focus on “Harmonizing Research and Patient care in Allergy Asthma and Clinical Immunology”. Our motto this year….

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GFSI 2021

GFSI 2021

GFSI conference gathers food industry leaders from over 50 countries from private and public sectors with renowned speakers and experts, CEOs, public authorities, industry leaders and new players.

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European Vascular Course 2021

European Vascular Course 2021

Due to the pandemic, EVC-ECC wanted to transform towards a concept that allows for full online (medical procedure) training event with live workshops, live tutors and actively participating…

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About Micemedia

Micemedia specializes in three services : Consultancy, Production and Partner & Sponsor management.
All our consultants and production managers are experts in their field and have experience with numerous type of events and setups varying from onsite to hybrid to fully online.

We deliberately have a strong focus on our three main services. That way we can really focus on and provide you with maximum expertise.

What customers say about Micemedia

“The consultancy provided by Micemedia for our onsite and online technology have enabled ERS to make informed decisions with high value outcomes whilst practicing cost effectiveness. Eric’s reliability is key, nothing is ever too much for him”.

Patricia Foo

Director of Congress and Events, European Respiratory Society (ERS)

“I have worked with Eric Antonisse and Micemedia for over 15 years in my role as Events Director of EACTS. Micemedia seamlessly integrate with our in-house events team to ensure a professional, flexible, reliable and stress-free process from start to finish. If you need production and sponsorship management in the future you need look no further!”

Sharon Pigeon

Events Director, EACTS

Mice Media have been a key partner for our recent congresses, firstly as an audio visual production partner for our 2017 and 2019 congress, and more recently as our exhibition and sponsorship sales consultants for our 2021 online congress. They were extremely methodical in their research on the marketplace, both in terms of running online events and exhibition and sponsorship campaigns. They took great care to have an understanding of the objectives of our organization, the congress itself and for our industry partners. For our 2021 congress they collaborated with us to transition our exhibition and sponsorship opportunities from an in-person event to a fully online event. It was clear that right from the start of our event that Mice Media always gave 100% to our sales campaigns working as part of our extended team. It has been great working with Mice Media, at every stage it was clear that they were working tirelessly to achieve our sales targets and to provide valuable opportunities to our industry partners and stakeholders.” 

Natasha Joyner

Congress manager, World Physiotherapy

Code of conduct

In the course of our experience, we’ve found that being constructive and helpful to others is vital to the character of an event itself. So, we created a Code Of Conduct that shows up in everything we do, so that all partners, suppliers, managers and participants are happy, and your delegates leave with a smile. Here, we look into how it helps us on a day-to-day basis.

Open and honest

Behave in an open, honest and trustworthy manner by exercising our independence and neutrality

Acting in the best interest

Act in the best interest of your organization with integrity and confidentially


Continue to develop and maintain professional knowledge and competence.


Respect the people with whom we work and strive for the highest level of collaboration and flexibility


Create a positive impact on the teams that we work with.

Striving for excellence

Strive for excellence at all times.

For any event, anywhere in the world

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