31st Annual EAIE Conference

31st Annual European Association for International Education

September 24 to 27-2019, Helsinki, Finland

With 6200 participants from 95 countries, the 31st Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition was our largest event to date. The theme of the conference ‘Encompassing all voices’, inspired by Finland’s inclusive and fair education system, resonated throughout the conference programme through the many sessions, campfires and poster presentations.

31st Annual EAIE Conference

What Micemedia provided

Prior to the event, during a site visit, we made an in-depth analysis of the performance of the Wi-Fi network for the EAIE event. We identified risks and the weakest sections. By negotiating solutions with the venue IT department, they improved the overall performance of the network, ensuring its quality for our client.

During the event we made several live analysis on the network to ensure the perfect connectivity.


Our checks resulted in attendees having a great user experience on the Wi-Fi network. Attendee feedback was very good. On the backend we noticed performance limitations but we were able to prevent attendees from suffering the consequences, resulting in happy delegates and a happy client

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