EAACI 2021 

10 to 12 July 2021, Krakow, Poland

About EACCI 2021
“We are eager to welcome you to our EAACI Hybrid Annual Congress 2021 where together we will focus on “Harmonizing Research and Patient care in Allergy Asthma and Clinical Immunology”. Our motto this year focuses on one of the overarching aims of our academy: ensuring standardization in our field across the globe, thereby facilitating knowledge mobility and providing the best degree of care to our patients worldwide.” (from: https://www.eaaci.org/eaaci-congresses/eaaci-2021)

Market Analysis - MiceMedia

What did Micemedia provide

Micemedia provided the technical production of the onsite meeting rooms. This means setting up the list of IT and AV (audiovisual) requirements, validating offers from suppliers and the integration of several individual technical solutions.

For event setups like EAACI multiple suppliers are used with each their own specific expertise. This expertise can be video and audio equipment, the combining of the audio, video and presentation slides into one video stream. transporting that combined streams to a powerful streaming server and finally making the stream available in an online platform so online attendees have access to all of EAACI’s valuable content without hickup, jitter or delay. Micemedia created the list of IT and AV (audiovisual) requirements, validated offers from suppliers and made sure all separate technical solutions will result into one flawless video stream for attendees of EAACI to enjoy.

During the event we provided the onsite coordination and management of these suppliers and managed the AV and IT orders for the onsite satellite symposia.



The result was a flawless production of the hybrid meetings at EAACI 2021. It provided a smooth experience and budget management for EAACI and their suppliers.

Attendees who were physically present and those who viewed the session online could participate and gain knowledge on the harmonizing research and patient care in allergy asthma and clinical immunology, support by Micemedia and all other suppliers.

We look forward to EACCI 2022.



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