Micemedia EAACI 2024

EAACI Congress 2024

May 31/June 3, 2024, Valencia, Spain

The Fira Valencia was a new location for both EAACI and Micemedia. The proper coordination of design on AV and IT, combined with local and venue specifics was crucial. The solid cooperation of EAACI and Micemedia proved, also this edition, very valuable.

EAACI is an association of clinicians, researchers and allied health professionals, dedicated to improving the health of people affected by allergic diseases with more than 15,000 members from 124 countries and over 50 National Allergy Societies.

Micemedia on the job!
Micemedia on the job!

What did Micemedia provide

We used our 3D software to import the event CAD drawings. We recreated the venues roof structure and windows to simulate the movement of the sun during the day. With that it was easy to determine if the darkening of the session halls was necessary.

Micemedia made proposals for the layout of construction spaces in the empty halls, considering hight, width and the regulations and safety instructions of the location.

Micemedia issued an RfP (request for proposal) for both AV and room construction and analysed the proposals from various suppliers. Based on the output of the analysis, EAACI selected an AV and room construction supplier.

In preparation and during the conference, Micemedia managed all suppliers in the field of AV, PMS (Presentation management) and IT. This way we ensured a high level of quality and professionalism from all involved.

Last but for sure not least, Micemedia provided technical coordination during the opening and closing ceremonies.

The result…?

The pre-conference site visit of a location, amongst with thorough supplier analysis on product and price, combined with clear communication to ensure all can provide top quality is the only way to actually reach that high level of quality.

During an event as EAACI we are at the top of our game to make sure we create the exact quality we promise we do.

And as you probably know by now: Our knowledge brings you results.

Micemedia on the job!

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