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European Vascular Course 2021

March 7,8, MECC, Maastricht, The Netherlands

“Due to the pandemic, EVC-ECC wanted to transform towards a concept that allows for full online (medical procedure) training event with live workshops, live tutors and actively participating students that are joining the session from home whilst being presented (digitally) in the studio to interact with the tutors. Students could also be able to passively follow the workshop.”

Exhibition Design - MiceMedia

What did Micemedia provide ?

Midemedia provided the full technical concepting and sourcing.  We provided the event design and architecture, the technical planning and production and studio supervision.

Using a combination of techniques such as Zoom, NDI, Vmix and Vset we connected tutors (live in the studio) with students who were digitally present (video and sound) in the studio with a digital seat and students with observational seats.

Using existing and innovative technology combined in a new concept (Event Architecture), we were able to connect students in more than 13.000 workshop seats.



8 fully 3D emulated green screen studios, 148 live hands-on workshops were delivered from the MECC congress center in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Each workshop had a limited number of digital seats. Delegates with a digital seat were digitally present on screen and in direct audio-visual contact with the tutors and fellow-participants. During hands-on workshops, the tutors instructed and guided the delegates step-by-step, and gave live feedback on how they performed back home. In several workshops delegates even received models and tools at home, to be used during the event.

Prof. Dr. Michael Jacobs says: 

“We have been overwhelmed with positive feedback back from tutors, participants and our medical company partners and we are thrilled with the favorable outcome of our digital training event.”

Return on investment - Market analysis

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