March 5/8, 2024, Bali, Indonisia

The 17th ISSA International Conference on Information and Communication Technology in Social Security took place in Bali, Indonesia, 6-8 March. That 400 participants from 127 institutions in 78 countries registered to this event, demonstrated the importance of ICT for social security.

Micemedia - EAIE 2023
Micemedia - EAIE 2023

What did Micemedia provide

This event is a perfect example of the skillset Micemedia for smaller events. There was no need for Micemedia to go onsite this time. However, our client preferred our support and supervision on technology prior, and during the event.
Our resources and expertise ensured a smooth setting up of the program in the app prior to the event. The app supported four languages with a login for member and a ‘guest-mode’ for non-members. The app needed to be integrated with our client’s backend and was checked and tested before launch.
To ensure the performance of the app, we conducted a ‘Quick scan’ on the locations Wifi setup prior to the event and suggested some changes to ensure connectivity and a good performance of the app.


We can be short on that: the combination of our client’s team, the local host and the Micemedia technical preparation and remote supervision created a great success for all parties involved.

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Micemedia - EAIE 2023

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